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Welcome to DigiServeOnline!

Do you want to automatically deliver your digital products, instantly to your buyers and securely, so the actual locations of your products are cloaked from your buyers? Yes ... then please read on.

You may think that this product is similar to others already on the market, but please do not be fooled. We are proud to state that DigiServeOnline contains more features, is future-proof and surpasses anything else on the market by at least 100%.

  Migrate Your Existing Data To DigiServeOnline For FREE

For a limited-time only you can transfer your existing data from another automation product to DigiServeOnline for FREE. Please contact us for more information.

  Promote Your Products To Other Digital Product Buyers

Whilst a buyer is downloading their product why not promote your own products. That's right, get more meaningful exposure to your products by advertising on other download pages!!

  Match Your Delivery Email To Your Own Look And Feel

The emails and information sent to your buyers are fully customisable. HTML, images, colour ... whatever you want to change. You can do it. Embed your own affiliate links into your emails!!

  You Sell Via Website Shopping Carts / Single Payments & Ebay Single / Multiple Ebay Items

Well, look no further. It does the lot!!

  Automate Delivery Without Leaving Your PC On

You don't need to send your digital products the old fashioned route via your email program. This program runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!!

  Hide The Actual Location Of Your Product From Your Buyers

Your buyers will never find out the actual location of the products. The download location is cloaked even if you send the item manually!!

  You Haven't Got A Website

You don't need a website and you don't need to know anything about website development. No installation or maintenance is required!!

  Get Access To A Wealth Of Management Reports

How much have you earned in the past 24 hours? How many items have you sold in the past 7 days? ... These are just some of the example reports you will have available at your fingertips!!

  NEVER Have To Use Email Again

You can deliver all your products to your buyers without ever having to use your email program.